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Gisteo creates best-in-class corporate explainer videos for sales, marketing and training. Since 2011, we’ve worked with Total Transparency to help companies of all types cut through the clutter and better connect with their audiences.

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We're producing corporate explainer videos as usual during COVID-19!

That’s the beauty of doing animated corporate videos vs. needing to do live-action filming on location-based shoots with actors, sets etc.  While live action productions have ground to a halt, it’s essentially business as usual for us. Our virtual operation is running well and we feel fortunate to have able to thrive in these difficult times. 

What corporate explainer videos can do for you

Corporate explainer videos can help your brand in many ways. Here are a just three:

  1. Explainer what you do: corporate explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to concisely explain mission, purpose, value proposition and more.  A quick 90 second corporate explainer video engages your audience and conveys your message better and faster than website text.
  2. Educate your audience: whether your target is external or internal, skip the boring talking head videos and inform your target in a more engaging way with a corporate explainer video.
  3. Simply complex topics: if what you do is complicated, corporate explainer videos can help you can distill complex topics into something that’s much more digestible while increasing your chances of being understood.
corporate explainer videos

Versatile corporate explainer videos for any mission

We’re no “one trick pony” and no two of our corporate explainer videos are are the same. Below are just six examples of the diverse styles of corporate explainers that we do. Check out the Portfolio section for much, much more.

2D Animation

A versatile animation style to bring any story to life!

Motion Graphics

Graphic design meets video

Kinetic Typography

A beautiful marriage of imagery + text

Hand’s On

Whiteboard videos to inform and educate

Animated Spokesperson

A fun, dynamic approach to delivering your pitch

Live Action with Visual Effects

A combination of real footage + animated graphics

The Gisteo difference

If you find all this in another corporate explainer video production company, contact us and tell us who the other unicorn is. Seriously, we’d like to know!

Fixed prices, no hidden fees

At Gisteo, our transparent pricing is 100% “what you see is what you get”

Quick turnaround times

We work fast & efficiently to finish your project on time, every time!

Lightning-fast communication

Responses with blazing speed before, during and after your project.

US-based with a global perspective

Videos created for organizations in 20+ countries in 10 different languages.

All-included packages

Yep, everything is included from “soup to nuts” – all for one fixed price.

Unlimited revisions 

We make changes within each stage at no charge to you.

Fully customized, versatile styles

No templates. Just diverse styles tailored to your unique needs.

Industry Pioneers Since 2011

Over 1,500 productions for 1,200+ organizations completed to date.

“We had the pleasure to work with Gisteo when we had to bring a story to life for Oracle Retail. They helped us tell our complex story in a clear and concise way. We are very pleased with the final product. I would recommend working with Gisteo. Thanks Gisteo!”

Jessica KottcampDirector of Retail Marketing, Oracle

Is Gisteo the right fit?

We admit it: Gisteo isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to figure out if we’re the best choice for your corporate explainer video production needs.

Who should hire us?

  • You value experience and a track record working with the world’s leading brands.
  • You’re looking for a quality video and will pay a fair rate for a premium product.
  • You want to work with a firm that is fast, efficient and responsive.
  • You prefer US-based companies, available during your work hours.
  • You seek big-agency thinking and skills but you can live without the bloated fees & processes.
  • You want professionals who will listen to your needs while delivering expert guidance.

Who should not hire us?

  • You think experience is over-rated and don’t mind serving as a “guinea pig.”
  • You could care less about quality; you’re just trying to find a dirt-cheap solution.
  • You have time to burn and are fine if it takes months to slog through your production.
  • You want to go offshore & hope that nothing gets lost in translation.
  • You crave the big agency “pomp and circumstance” and embrace paying 5x.
  • You don’t want guidance; just an order-taker…no questions asked!

Want to discuss your corporate explainer video project?

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