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Gisteo creates best-in-class video explainers for sales, marketing and training. Since 2011, we’ve worked with Total Transparency to help organizations of all types cut through the clutter and better connect with their audiences.

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Animated explainer videos

What We Do

At Gisteo, we produce a wide range of video explainers for businesses, apps, services and more. Video explainers are short videos that provide a quick introduction to a topic…or, as we like to say at Gisteo, explain the “gist” of something. Over the past decade, video explainers have exploded in popularity with organizations of all types and sizes producing them to help educate their target market and explain complex topics in an easily digestible way.

Unlike live action videos that depend on actors, sets, and costly productions, animated video explainers give you the freedom and flexibility to tell your story however you choose. You can explain your value proposition using whatever situation, environment, character or treatment you want..while saving serious money vs. a typical live action production.

““Working with the Gisteo team was amazing. Our engineering services business often has good marketing ideas, but we struggle pulling all the creative elements together. Gisteo made this easy. We exchanged our ideas with them, and they ran with it. We are delighted with the results!””

Ted MesserlyPresident & Managing Partner, Lumenance

The importance of video explainers

If you’re thinking about getting a video explainer for your company, you’re not alone.  Videos explainers are among the most powerful, versatile and cost-effective marketing tools you can use. According to a Vidyard study, explainer videos are now the leading type of video that businesses have invested in.

In fact, not having a video explainer is becoming unusual: more than 81% of all companies showcase video on their website, according to HubSpot. And, out of those who don’t currently use video, 65% say they plan to start.

Versatile video explainers for any mission

We’re no “one trick pony” and no two Gisteo video explainers are the same. Below are just six examples of the diverse styles we do, each tailored to your unique goals and preferences.  Check out the Portfolio section for much, much more.

2D Animation

A versatile animation style to bring any story to life!

Motion Graphics

Graphic design meets video

Kinetic Typography

A beautiful marriage of imagery + text

Hand’s On

Whiteboard videos to inform and educate

Animated Spokesperson

A fun, dynamic approach to delivering your pitch

Live Action with Visual Effects

A combination of real footage + animated graphics

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